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Fumes of burning words filled my room

Ghastly, dark and gray… and cold

Shadows burn, shadows hide and shadows gloom

Ever  alone in this hole


Transparent chains of yesterday

Spoken hard, too soon,  took control

Shadows laugh, shadows call and shadows stay

Ever alone in my soul


Time to take it back, what was taken

Slowly dwindling, I should be awakening

Can´t bring it back, what they took

Ever written on, ever hidden in my book


Call in sick tomorrow to face today

Ravens carry night, straw and chrome

Shadows fly, shadows loom like grey in grey

Ever alone, not my home


Come lover, come friend, meet me at this very end

Where holy vowes and promises can´t sing

Come children, come wife, the pillars of my life

Dance with me and let the night begin


Come music, come rain, the velvet sky, the roaring lane

Sing away the stillness and the fright

Come saviour, come saint, prophet, poet paint for me

As shadow light becomes the windy night